Freight Shipping Rate and Container Cost

The total price for a shipment consists of various components: a basic rate, mandatory surcharges and extra services. 

Below you’ll find a short description of each of the main components. Enabling you – if needed – to better understand the price structure and even the breakdown on your invoice.


The Basic Ocean Freight - BAS 


The Basic Ocean Freight (BAS) is a transportation rate for moving your cargo. The rate is price determined by varying factors such as the different origin-destination combinations and the cargo type (Dry Cargo or Reefer Cargo). 


The mandatory surcharges 

A mandatory "surcharge" constitutes a part of the rate which is not covered by the basic ocean freight. Mandatory surcharges are established to cover cost items or services that are either pass-through charges (e.g. from terminals) or beyond the basic ocean transport services. These surcharges are  applicable to every shipment. 

Below you’ll find more information about the most frequent surcharges.

  • Bunker Adjustment Factor– SBF. The Bunker Adjustment Factor (SBF) is a charge to account for the fluctuations in bunker costs (oil used by the vessels) that changes on quarterly basis.
  • Terminal Handling Charges –THC. Our Terminal Handling Charges are based on the cost of handling the container in the terminals, including loading and discharging containers to/from the vessel.
  • Documentation Charges. Our Documentation Charges are a service whereby we provide you with the necessary transport documents for you at the origin and destination, based on your shipping instructions. 

Value Added Services - VAS 

Value Added Services are extra services that we offer to accommodate your additional requirements. 
Examples of our Value Added Services are: Container Cleaning, Garments on Hangers, Out of Gauge, Controlled Atmosphere, Cold Treatment, Genset.